Exquisite Large Curlew by Christo Earnest (Burano, Italy)

    Shorebirds by this maker have a strong resemblance to the famed Bowman-Bunn decoys. In fact, the collector who bought this bird in the late 70s thought that was exactly what he'd found. This decoy has exquisite sculptural form with a strong bold paint pattern that has mellowed to a wonderfully soft patina. It is by far the best example I have ever seen.

    Made of cork, in almost mint condition except for several small flakes to underside of decoy just behind stick hole. Structurally sound in all original surface. (Note the 9.95 on back of bird from when it was picked in the 70s.)

    Part of an old collection built from the mid 70s to 2000. Fresh to market.

Exquisite Large Curlew

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